December Umrah


( 5 nights in Madinah – 5 nights in Makkah)

22nd 2022 – Return 2nd Jan 2023

11 Days – 10 Nights



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Daily Schedule

Day 1:

Flight meals
11:00AM Meeting at LAX for Group Check-in
Keep you Ihram cloth with you in your carry-on.
3:00PM Flight Departure direct nonstop to Jeddah


Day 2:

flight Meals & Dinner at the hotel
Before arrival in Jeddah you will be informed to put on your Ihram and make the intention.
5:00 PM Arrival at  Jeddah Airport
Arrival at Jeddah Airport – Immigration and Customs process and our team will be waiting for you to welcome you to the holly Makkah Al Mukarramah.
Your room key will be ready for you upon arrival and luggage will be tagged for easier delivery to your room. Bus will go to Makkah at approximately 1:30 Hour.
Check in to the hotel in front of Haram ( Moevenpick Hajar Tower )
Dinner up to 10:30 PM open buffet.
11:30 PM Perform the first Umrah with the group if you are ready.

Day 3:

Breakfast and Dinner
Breakfast, brief meeting with the group leader, and orientation to the surroundings.
Enjoy the 5 daily prayers at Al Masjid Al Haram.

Day 4:

Breakfast and Dinner
Breakfast, brief meeting with the group leader
Enjoy the 5 daily prayers at Al Masjid Al Haram.
Gathering with the group leader and Imam and refresh  your information about the program

Day 5:

Breakfast & Dinner
Breakfast after Fajr Prayer.
8:00 AM meeting at the lobby.
8:30 AM Bus will take you with the group leader Imam and guides to do Mazarat ( Zyarat ) ( Sightseeing ) to historical places in Makkah Al Mukkaramah including ( Jabal Al Nur – Jabal Thawr – Al Maalaa – Arafat – Jabal Al Rahma ). Subject to local rules. Performing a second Umrah is based on personal preferences and availability.

Day 6:

Breakfast and Dinner
Meeting for Madinah trip instruction.
Enjoy the 5 daily prayers at Al Masjid Al Haram.
Prepare your luggage to be collected for a smother preparation to go to Madinah in the following morning.
Perform your farewell Tawaf to the Kaaba.


Day 7:

Breakfast and Dinner
Breakfast and Check out and bus(s) will be ready at the time agreed to enjoy our trip to Al Madinah Al Munawarrah.
On the bus you will have our lunch bag with plenty of snacks, fruits, fresh vegetables, water and juices etc.
Will be using the Al Hijrah road also known as the old road of Madinah ( Prophets road ) on this road we will get the chance to visit very important places like Al Rawhaa well of water and our Imam(s) will explain the places and most important stop will be at Badr city to visit the Badr cemetery of the 14 companions there and see the surrounding sight.
Arrival to Madinah and check into te hotel.
Your luggage will be delivered to your room.
Dinner and overnight.

Day 8:

Breakfast & Dinner
Enjoy the prayers at Al Masjid Al Nabawi.
Will try to book prayer in Al Rawdah Al AL Sharifah based on availability ( Will be announced  )

Day 9:

Breakfast and Dinner
Friday prayer at Al Masjid Al Nabawi.
Meeting with the group leader for a private tour to rare sights in Madinah along with local guide(s)

Day 10:

Breakfast & Dinner
Al Madinah Al Munawarah Hotel. – Morning – Tour in Madinah ( Uhud – Qibaa Masjid – Trench battle site and seven mosques – Zi Al Qiblatain Masjid ). Subject to local rules.
– Additional night tour in Madinah for historical sites in Uhud – Salman Farm- Thaniayt Al Wedaa – Masjid Al Jumaa – Masjid AL Osbah …etc.

Day 11:

Breakfast & Lunch
Luggage collection
After enjoying the max of prayers in Madinah you will be invited to a farewell lunch at the hotel.
Check out after Zohr and go for Asr prayer
4:30 PM bus will take you to Al Madinah Al Munawarrah airport expected for your domesticce flight to Jeddah.
Collect your luggage at Jeddah and will be transferred to the transfer desk to check it in to Los Angeles.

Day 12:

Flight meals
Early Check in into your flight
Airport Departure
Arrival to LAX at 11:00AM
Happy and safe return to your family, May Allah accept your Umrah and your efforts.

Terms & Conditions

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INSURANCE: According to Heaven Tours, Inc.’s  terms & condition, we advise customers to consider Travel Insurance policies for all the trips for an additional fee.

Price Change: Prices are subject to change due to the recent fluctuation in related economies. Without advanced notice.

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