November Umrah


4 Cities Tour

( Madinah, Makkah, Cairo and Istanbul )
Departure 21st Nov– Return 5th Dec
15 Days – 14 Nights

Note if you are holding a non-USA Passport please check Package (B) or Contact us for more details.


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Daily Schedule

Day 1:

Departure Los angles (Meals)

Day 2:

Flight meals and to go dinner
Arrival to Al Madinah Al Munawara late night, hotel is already booked and your room is ready, will provide a to-go dinner for the late arrival.

Day 3:

Breakfast and Dinner
Al Madinah Al Munawarah Hotel . Enjoy the 5 prayers at Al Masjid Al Nabawi. Evening lecture abut Umrah and sightseeng trips

Day 4:

Breakfast and Dinner
Al Madinah Al Munawarah Hotel. – Morning – Tour in Madinah ( Uhud – Qibaa Masjid – Trench battle site and seven mosques – Zi Al Qiblatain Masjid ). Subject to local rules.
– Additional night tour in Madinah for historical sites in Uhud – Salman Farm- Thaniayt Al Wedaa – Masjid Al Jumaa – Masjid AL Osbah …etc.

Day 5:

Breakfast, Lunch Bags and drinks on the bus.
• Al Madinah Al Munawarah – Breakfast at the Hotel
• Put on your Ihram and prepare for Umrah.
• Check out the rooms at 11:00AM
• Fri prayer at Al Masjid Al Nabawi. Then come back to the hotel lobby to get the bus to Makkah.
• Bus will have lunch bags and drinks. All buses will stop at Miqat Abyar Ali to renew the Niah (Intention) for Umrah.
• Buses will be divided into 2 groups, those who want to head to Makkah directly will go directly. And those who can afford to spend extra time one the road then their bus will take the Hijrah road to Makkah ( Also know as the Old Road of Madinah or the Road of the prophets ), on that road we will make 2 stops one at A Rawhaa where we can see the historial place of Al Rawhaa and the Al Rawhaa well of water, then the second stop will be at Badr battle ( Ghazwat Badr ) leaders will guide and explain the history of the places.
• Arrival to Makkah al Mukarramah
• Dinner at the hotel.
• Performing Umrah around 11PM

Day 6:

Breakfast and Dinner
Enjoy the prayers at Al Masjid Al Haram.

Day 7:

Breakfast & Lunch
Sightseeng in Makkah Al Mukkaramah including ( Jabal Al Nur – Jabal Thawr – Al Maalaa – Arafat – Jabal Al Rahma ). Subject to local rules. Performing a second Umrah is based on personal prefrences and availabilty.

Day 8:

Breakfast & Lunch
Enjoy Makkah Al Mukkarramah and Al Masjid Al Haram

Day 9:

Breakfast, in Makkah and  Lunch at Jeddah Luxurious Place
Early Morning – Perform the farewell Tawaf and prepare for departure, luggage collection will be advised.
Buses will be leave from Makkah Al Mukkarramah to Jeddah Airport
Depatrture Jeddah to Cairo
( A Warm Welcome to Cairo)
After a smooth flight, your private representative will receive you with a warm welcome to Cairo, and assist you with a hassle-free arrival. Your private modern A/C bus will transfer you to the hotel for check-in.

Day 10:

Breakfast & Lunch
( Giza Pyramids , Sphinx & Egyptian Museum )
After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you will be on the move in a modern, private, AC vehicle to The Giza Plateau. A private Egyptologist will take you on a tour to visit the Great Pyramid Area.  Then, you will visit the Valley Temple, and Great Sphinx, where you can pose to take unrivaled photos to share with your friends and family. It’s time for a delicious Egyptian meal made with love and oriental flavors at a very nice restaurant with overlooking the pyramids. Afterwards visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, houses the most splendid collection of king Tutankhamun alongside many other fascinating artifacts, back to the hotel & overnight 
Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch

Day 11:

Breakfast & Lunch
( Saladin Citadel , Mohamed Ali Mosque , El Muezz street & Khan El Khalili Bazzars )Breakfast at the hotel , start your day tour to visit the Citadel of Saladin; One of the world’s greatest monuments of medieval warfare, built at 12th century to fortify Cairo against Crusaders. Then visit Alabaster Mosque; which built in 1848 AD, imitating Blue Mosque of Istanbul, under the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha, whose tomb is located within the mosque, it is named Alabaster mosque due to the use of alabaster for coating its interior and exterior walls. Then direct to one of the most important Islamic site in Cairo which is El Muezz St., where we can find more than 25 Islamic monuments, Finally Relax and shop at Khan El Khalili old Bazaar, a lively market where you can haggle for souvenirs or traditional local crafts. After the end of the visit you will be transferred by private A/C bus back to the hotel & overnight . Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch

Day 12:

Breakfast & flight Meals
See You Soon! In Cairo and Welcome to Istanbul Going to Cairo Airport to Fly to Istanbul . After a nice breakfast at the hotel, your private A/C bus will transfer you to the airport for your departure flight.  Arrival to Istanbul

Day 13:

Breakfast  & Lunch or Dinner
Topkapi Palace: The largest and oldest palace in the world, Topkapi is the crown jewel of the Ottoman Empire. With its treasury and exotic buildings overlooking the Golden Horn, your visit to Topkapi promises to be a truly fascinating experience. Topkapi Palace Museum is the most important museum of Turkey and the Balkan Peninsula. It is an incomparably rich treasure-chest, brimming with items of historical and religious importance containing the most holy relics of the Muslim world such as the Prophet Muhammed’s cloak and sword.
 Hagia Sophia Museum :
The Hagia Sophia, one of the historical architectural wonders that still remains standing today, has an important place in the art world with its architecture, grandness, size and functionality. The Hagia Sophia, the biggest church constructed by the East Roman Empire in Istanbul, has been constructed three times in the same location. When it was first built, it was named Megale Ekklesia (Big Church); however, after the fifth century, it was referred to as the Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). The church was the place in which rulers were crowned, and it was also the biggest operational cathedral in the city throughout the Byzantine period.
The 8- 7.5 m diameter calligraphy panels that were written by Caligrapher Kadıasker Mustafa İzzet Efendi were placed in the main walls of the structure. The panels that read  “Allah, Hz. Muhammed, Hz. Ebubekir, Hz. Ömer, Hz. Osman, Hz. Ali, Hz. Hasan ve Hz. Hüseyin” are known to be the biggest calligraphy panels in the Islamic world.
The Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s orders and has been functioning as one since February 1, 1935, welcoming both local and foreign visitors. According to a deed dated 1936, the Hagia Sophia is registered as “Ayasofya-i Kebir Camii Şerifi on behalf of the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Foundation for maoseleum, akaret, muvakkithane and madrasah on 57 pafta, 57 island and 7th parcel.”
Blue Mosque: The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior. It incorporates some Byzantine elements of the neighboring Hagia Sophia with traditional Islamic architecture and is considered to be the last great mosque of the classical period. 
Hippodrome: The former center of sportive and political activities of Constantinople. You will be able to see the Obelisk from Egypt, Serpentine Column from Delphi and fountain of Willhelm II.

Day 14:

Breakfast  & Lunch or Dinner
Day 3: – Full Day Bosphorus Cruise & City Tour
Gathering at the lobby 8:30 AM
Departure Time : 9:00 AM

Tour of the Bosphorus Stars – As we take our boat cruising through the waterway separating the two continents, Europe and Asia, with a possibility to take photographs of marble palaces, ancient wooden villas of Ottoman architecture besides modern residentials and luxurious apartments & the RUMELİ FORTRESS the historical armament built by Sultan Mehmet II (the Conqueror) to control and protect Bosphorus. A unique example of military architecture.

Eyub Sultan Mosque – The Eyüp Sultan Mosque ( Eyüp Sultan Camii) is situated in the Eyüp district of Istanbul , outside the city walls near the Golden Horn . The present building dates from the beginning of the 19th century. The mosque complex includes a mausoleum marking the spot when Eyup Job Al Ansari , the standard-bearer and friend of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad , is said to have been buried. A mosque complex (kulliye ) was constructed on the site in 1458 by the Ottoman Turks only five years after the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. By the end of the 18th century the mosque was in a ruinous state, perhaps as a result of earthquake damage,
and in 1798 sultan Selim III ordered the whole structure other than the minarets to be pulled down and rebuilt. This work was completed in 1800. The eastern minaret was rebuilt in the original style by Mahmud II in 1822.
Eyüp Sultan is believed to have died during the first Arab siege of Constantinople in the 670s. His tomb is greatly venerated by Muslims and attracts many pilgrims. The mausoleum is on the north side of a courtyard opposite the main entrance to the prayer hall of the mosque.
The mosque was the traditional site for the coronation ceremony of the Ottoman Sultans, where the new sultan was girded with the Sword of Osman. After the Tour , you will be transferred back to your Hotel at 6pm

Day 15:

Breakfast  & flight meal
Airport Departure
Enjoy your Breakfast
Departure to Airport from the Hotel 5 hours early flight time .
Departure Istanbul at 13:50 and arrival to Los Angeles 16:45

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